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The Sexy Mechanic

The Sexy Mechanic

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I think the mechanic in my local garage has amnesia. I took my car for a new light bulb and he asked me what year it was. She slipped on her blouse and skirt and posed in various ways, sitting, standing, kneeling, perched on a tree branch, looking over the water. He smiled to himself, though, when she sat down to look at the results, she slipped the garments off her once more, as if she were more comfortable without them.

When they had finished, Petruso came over to the table, with two glasses of Varenukha. He handed one to Mike. The combination of HI (human intelligence) and AI (artificial intelligence) will take us one step further. That’s because you’re a very pretty little girl, Oxana. My little man likes pretty little girls like you. When one comes near him, he gets all excited, perhaps like your Papa might, like your Mama said.” While this may look, at first glance, like a totally different story than say, falling in love with a car or your vacuum cleaner...is it really? While the operating system does seem to have a personality, as the coding allows her to learn and develop as their relationship does, movies like this really allow us to have a look inside these kinds of fetishes and feelings.Of course not,” he responded truthfully. “Would you like to try something else until you’re ready again?” he asked. He looked at her and smiled. “If you’re sure you’d like me to, Sofiya, I would like that very much. Go and lean against that tree, where you were before.” Mike wasn’t sure what sort of reception he would get when he had washed and shaved and gone down for breakfast. Would Petruso take him outside at shotgun point or hand him to the Russians or what? As it happened, nothing. Petruso was sitting at the table eating, Oxana sitting beside him, Maryska, as always, standing at the stove. a b Buisson, O.; Foldes, P.; Jannini, E.; Mimoun, S. (2010). "Coitus as revealed by ultrasound in one volunteer couple". J. Sex. Med. 7 (8): 2750–2754. doi: 10.1111/j.1743-6109.2010.01892.x. PMID 20626602. For the next few minutes, he gently strummed their clitties, letting them rise, then easing off again, bringing them higher each time. The time had come, and Mike suddenly started to thrust hard into Nataliya, but at the same time, thrust his fingers deep into her sister’s too, mashing their little “G” spots. He felt the early signs, as his prostate tightened, his scrotum pulled up and the surge through his shaft heralded the explosion into Nataliya’s infertile womb. The second surge, as usual, was even greater, and she cried out loudly in her ecstasy. At that moment, both Oxana and Sofiya came too, and their cries of pleasure joined their sister’s, as he and the three sisters all climaxed in one of the most spectacular scenes of lovemaking Mike had ever encountered. Down the passageway in the parent’s room, where Maryska awaited her husband’s return from the pub, moans could be heard, as she too enjoyed pleasures which she only felt occasionally, these days. Looking at the photographs of her naked daughters had certainly helped her. Whether they would help her husband complete the job later, remained to be seen.

Soon, though, their clothes started to come off, the girls egging each other on, until they were all naked. Mike photographed them together, then one at a time. They were so beautiful, his work was made easy. It was almost impossible to take a bad photo. They rolled in the grass, peered from behind trees, hung upside-down from branches, ran about, their hair flowing behind them. Every photo was in “good taste” and couldn’t be considered porn in any way. But Mike wanted to move onto those next. He put an arm around her shoulder and drew her into his side, comforting her, reassuring her. “I don’t think so, Sofiya,” he smiled at her, squeezing her shoulder. “You are at an age when you are starting to enjoy things like that. You’re not a little girl, now. Let me ask you a question, now,” he continued, “did you enjoy it?” she nodded, blushing slightly with an embarrassed grin. “Now tell me,” he went on, “what made you want do it? Why did you do what you just did to someone you only just met?” That is difficult to say,” she answered with a grimace, “who is to say. We’ve been safe for the last couple or three years, and the U.N. is watching closely. The Russians are busy in Syria, so let us hope their eyes remain elsewhere. But what can I do, this is our home, this farm.” Mike sat stunned at her answer. “But,” he stuttered, “does she know what you were going to do today?” Why did the kid want to become an elevator mechanic? Because he enjoyed the ups and downs of the job.


The mechanics of human sexuality or mechanics of sex, or more formally the biomechanics of human sexuality, is the study of the mechanics related to human sexual activity. Examples of topics include the biomechanical study of the strength of vaginal tissues [1] and the biomechanics of male erectile function. [2] The mechanics of sex under limit circumstances, such as sexual activity at zero-gravity in outer space, are also being studied. [3] He washed, shaved, dressed and was downstairs a few minutes later. He was greeted by the lady of the house, who was called Maryska. She smiled warmly at him, waving him to a seat at the table, where the young girl was already sitting. Mike was stunned as she looked at him with such passion in her eyes. Passion he hadn’t realised before was burning so bright. She had planned this.

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