Gerber MP600 Bladeless Multi Tool

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Gerber MP600 Bladeless Multi Tool

Gerber MP600 Bladeless Multi Tool

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Nor is it counting the MP400's, MP700's, MP800's or anything else in the Multiplier series, or the current issue Center Drive! As far as the other components are concerned, the choice of internal tools was great, as is their construction. I didn’t have any issues using them, so I don’t have much to really write on them. They do as their told.

This is a pretty cool concept overall. Instead of building separate tools for different needs Gerber designed a standard multi tool body that they then filled with different kinds of tools. They have versions available for general use, M4/M16 maintenance, combat engineering/demolition, and more. The fact that it has a traditional design is also a big advantage as it allows rotating the blades thrice, thereby extending the life of the cutters. MP600 BASIC07510G0-13658-07510-8Multi-Plier 600 - Bluntnose Stainless w/Carbide Insert Cutters & Tool Kit, SheathBox The Gerber MP600 Pro-Scout has some outstanding features, namely the ability to accept any 2 inches (or 5cm) universal jigsaw blades and the Fiskars scissors.MP600 BASIC07530G0-13658-06891-9Multi-Plier 600 - Needlenose Stainless w/ Carbide Insert Cutters, SheathBox Editor’s note: the Geber MP600 also made Task & Purpose’s roundup of the best multitools of the year. The Wave+ overall beats out the MP600 on just about every metric. It’s lighter, just as sturdy, has a better tool loadout, and the finish stands up better than the MP600’s. All of this at a price just barely above the MP600’s. The only reason to go with the MP600 over the Wave+ is if you really like the one handed open pliers. All in all the Gerber MP600 is a pretty good multi tool that falls just short of great. For its price we still think the MP600 is a good value. Its sturdy, has a tool loadout for just about any user, and looks sharp.

As for the pliers, you can expect the MP600 to contain almost every pair that is suitable for all needs. Among your choices are the standard pliers and the typical needle nose. The RemGrit blades are pretty good at sawing through plastics and thin pieces of metal. Overall we found it to be a neat feature but one that we rarely called upon. The Pro Scout is only available with needle nose pliers and standard wire cutters, which we think says interesting things about Gerber’s triangular replaceable blades. Weight: 9 ozrnrnMaterial: Stainless steelrnrnTools: Needle nose pliers, pinch cut wire cutters, wire crimper, plain edge knife, serrated knife, cross point screwdriver, small flat blade screwdriver, medium flat blade screwdriver, large flat blade flat blade screwdriver, screwdriver, lanyard ring, can opener, bottle opener, file, rulerrn Unboxing Fortunately, this does not negatively affect the overall functionality and strength of the screwdriver. Needle Nose PliersThe MP600 DET is even more specialized than the Sight Tool variant. Gerber designed this tool for the highly specific needs of US Army combat engineers working with explosives. The key tools for this are the blasting cap crimper pliers and C4 punch useful only when dealing with plastic explosives. The Wave+ is Leatherman’s flagship multi tool, the same as the MP600 is for Gerber. It’s slightly smaller when closed and weighs half an ounce less. It’s also a standard butterfly open multi tool with scissors, replaceable wire cutter blades, and both a saw and included bit drivers. Designed expressly for the unique needs of industrial facilities, hospitals, and other similar institutions that limit the kinds of items people carry on their bodies, this do-it-all tool helps ensure safety in the workplace, while still giving you the benefit of this industrial-strength MP’s muscular multitude of tools. Its needle nose pliers work when you require a precise point that can grab fine elements in small spaces, while its one-handed open greatly simplifies a wide array of tasks. It contains rotatable, replaceable Tungsten Carbide wire cutters for use in snipping a variety of stubborn wires. This smart MP600 also holds a brawny, removable RemGrit saw, so you can take it along or simply take it out, giving you maximum flexibility with the tool in just about any situation.

The design of the MP600 makes the ruler less useful that it would be on a traditional butterfly open multi tool. It just comes down to the overall length of the tool’s body. The ruler is 8 cm/ 3 inches long depending on the side you’re looking at.

Stainless steel” is a broad term for steels that have different elements that prohibit corrosion—or lower quantities of iron, carbon, etc. In this case, I am not sure on what part of the spectrum this stainless steel falls on, but it held up exceedingly well in all submersion tests. Replacement Parts– Gerber offers a limited lifetime warranty on all their knives, tools, and multi tools. This only applies to the original owner and doesn’t include damage due to wear and tear, misuse, or sharpening of the blades.

If you’re just looking to do odd jobs around the house we’d recommend you go with the Center Drive. It’s specialized for repair and construction type jobs. The MP600 is an overall more balanced multi tool for the money. Your right it's almost all new exclusive tools. I misspoke. What I meant to say isn't so much that the "Center Drive is half-MP600" and more that "Gerber likes to reuse components and engineering when possible".MP600 BASIC07535G0-13658-07535-1Multi-Plier 600 - Needlenose Stainless w/ Carbide Insert Cutters, Leather SheathBox This makes for a very versatile and adaptable tool, but only if you can deal with a single multi-edged knife (1 inch of a standard knife and the remainder being serrated) and non-replaceable wire-cutters. The Gerber MP600 is a quality multi tool with interesting features, but how does it stand up to its biggest competitors? Here are some highlights of other multi tools similar to the MP600 and our opinion on which one is superior. Comparison Table Gerber mp600 Vs Diesel Fiskars scissors – You don’t realize how many times you need flipping scissors until you’ve got them. I bought this the same time as I bought a Leatherman Rebar (Bladeless). I wanted to compare the two and being Leatherman through and through I had already made my decision in my mind as to which one would be on my belt everyday. That was until I used both, even though the tool set on the Rebar feels more robust, the erganomics and general feel of the Gerber is far better. Everytime I used the rebar I would cut or pinch my skin on some edge or whilst closing it. The MP600 is faultless in that manner and earned a place on my belt and the Rebar is in an emergency bag in the 4x4.

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