Grip H Clip, Plywood Roof Sheathing Clip-19/32-5/8" GRIP PLY CLIP

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Grip H Clip, Plywood Roof Sheathing Clip-19/32-5/8" GRIP PLY CLIP

Grip H Clip, Plywood Roof Sheathing Clip-19/32-5/8" GRIP PLY CLIP

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Preferably, the arms 12 are slightly tapered such that the distance between the arms 12 at ends 13 is closer than the distance between the arms 12 at the spacing bar 14. The guys were very impressed with how easy it was to feed the next row of sheets in, all in all a great success. In a preferred version, the H clip is made of a flexible material such as nylon, plastic or other polymeric compound that can adjust to a specified range of material thickness. In this manner, multiple pieces of material 11 are connected together to form a roof or other structure.

If a person was not required to comply with the building code, would it pass the sniff test to use panel clips rather than blocking? Thus, conventional H clips may be too tight or too loose for the given building material, and can often fall off the material. Sheathing is considerably stronger in the out of plane direction when the strength axis lies across the bearings. Given we can't install H clips after the fact, they recommended we added 2x4s between trusses to support the edges of the sheathing to support expansion.We had a roofer come out to install some 2x4s, but they can't in all locations given there were roofing nails coming through the plywood (preventing us from installing it flush with the roof). Because the lead-in 16, living hinge 18, and tapered arms 12 all work to grip the building material 11, thereby keeping the H clip 10 secured in position on the material 11, a second sheet of building material 11 can be easily inserted into one or more of the H clips 10 and easily slid sideways into its final position. H-clips may also allow builders to use thinner sheathing than they otherwise would be permitted to use.

A panel is less likely to deflect when subjected to a heavy load near its edges if it is made stiffer. the living hinges 18 act to spring-load the lead-ins 16 by providing a hinged surface that flexes away from the material 11 as the H clip 10 is being inserted and then springs towards the material 11 as the H clip 10 is fully inserted onto the material 11 . Once the H clip 10 is properly inserted between two pieces of building material 11, the tapered arms 12 help to grip the building material 11, keeping the H clip 10 securely in position. Like 24/16 = 24" span on roofing with long dimension across rafters, 16" span for sub-flooring with long dimension across joists. I hope I'm not stepping on anybodys steel toes but the H-clip does not alter the span it ties the two sheets together mid span and helps to distribute the load.By angling the ski-shaped lead- ins 16 located on one end 13 of the tapered arms 12 onto the edge of a piece of building material 11, the lead- ins 16 can be quickly and easily inserted onto the material as illustrated in FIG. E04B1/6112— Connections for building structures in general of slab-shaped building elements with each other the frontal surfaces of the slabs connected together by clamping, e. If you can't eyeball a straight line between two nails tacked a little less than 48" apart then you can snap some lines or use a straightedge to help you out. For example, the typical H clip 10 designed for building material sheets of ⁇ 2 inch thickness can also accommodate sheets of 7/16 inch thickness. Pressing the Escape (ESC) button will close the modal and bring you back to where you were on the page.

the lead-in 16 eventually rotates such that it comes to rest within an indentation 21 on each end 13 of the arms 12 in a position parallel the surfaces 15 of the building material 11 . If your roof sheathing is installed without H-Clips, your roof decking might buckle on itself during regular expansion and contraction of the wood.Because of the taper in the arms 12, the H clip 10 can conveniently accommodate building material 11 sheets of a variety of thicknesses. Therefore, the ends 13 of the arms 12 exhibit some resistance to a complete parallel relationship between the arms 12 .

Download PDF Info Publication number US7444792B2 US7444792B2 US11/345,510 US34551006A US7444792B2 US 7444792 B2 US7444792 B2 US 7444792B2 US 34551006 A US34551006 A US 34551006A US 7444792 B2 US7444792 B2 US 7444792B2 Authority US United States Prior art keywords clip arms lead arm spacing bar Prior art date 2005-02-10 Legal status (The legal status is an assumption and is not a legal conclusion.

Have someone come in a clip the ends of nails so we can install 2x4s flush with the plywood in the remaining 75% of the area. In this manner, the entire arm 12 of the H clip 10 is flattened along the surfaces 15 of the building materials 11 . In addition, once the lead-in 16 is inserted onto the edge of the material 11, the living hinges 18 help to properly grip the material 11, thereby securing the H clip 10 onto the material 11. I. Planning on nailing the curled edged down and them applying roofing felt over the top before putting the metal sheets down.

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