Deliverance Lost: Ghosts of Terra (The Horus Heresy)

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Deliverance Lost: Ghosts of Terra (The Horus Heresy)

Deliverance Lost: Ghosts of Terra (The Horus Heresy)

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Read it for some bits of lore regarding the Raven Guard but don't expect a groundbreaking experience. I wish we could all just dispense with the cries of "emo" and condemnation of Corax and Gav Thorpe's vision for him. Deliverance lost was, admittedly, one of my least-favorite Horus Heresy novels when I read it upon release, many years ago. While the Alpha Legion scenes were great and well-done, throwing the reader off on multiple occassions and seeing their perspective of their host-Legion (and the effect the memory-implantations have on them), it is the Primarch of the Raven Guard that was best characterized.

Leider weiß auch die Gegenseite um dieses Wissen, und die Alpha Legion wird alles daran setzten dieses Wissen im Namen Horuses zu ergattern. The exception to this is the involvement of the Alpha Legion and their sabotage of the project, which is interesting but as with the main story just piqued my desire for information on what happens to the Raven Guard and the Alpha Legion after the events of this book. Still, I cannot help but feel that this final part was an afterthought, thrown in to show Corax and co in action, as the majority of the novel didn't have much bolter activity to show. After their near-destruction at the hands of Horus’ Traitor Legions, the Raven Guard seek to escape and rebuild, but the forces of Chaos are insidious, and the Legion may yet face its doom.However, covert operatives and the Primarchs Alpharius Omegon of the Alpha Legion ( Book 7) play prominent roles. Although there were some slower parts, deliverance lost still managed to keep its story going until the end.

This book covers the impact the Dropsite Massacre had on the Raven Guard legion, in particular its Primarch, Corax and follows his desperate need to rebuild his legion at almost any cost. Finally, finally we have a coherent plot from conception to execution, with each step reasonably explained. Fortunately there are no whining, attention-grabbing remembrancers here, they're all dead, along with SEVENTY-FIVE THOUSAND Raven Guard. Unlike Graham McNeill, Gav Thorpe can have a shuttle landing without spending EIGHT PAGES describing its journey. I have a better idea of Corax as a leader now, and can relate to wanting to be as great as a leader as him, even if he is fictional.

Minor characters were all sufficiently interesting, they stood out from oneanother , not always a given when discussing space marines. Little touches, like the Imperial Fists being drawn up in rigid formation while the Ravens stand before them in a loose mob, distinguish the Legion's character from most of the others. I’ve also thought about my own brothers and how we’ve confronted each other before and how we have responded to each other. The Raven Guard, along with the Iron Hands and Salamanders, is just one of those legions that you can't help but feel a bit bad for after what they went through at the Dropsite Massacre. This might be explained somewhere in the lore and I haven't reached that point yet, but it really spoils the entire setting a bit.

They know of the Raven Guard's gift from the Emperor, ahead of time, and wish to steal it for themselves. This entry had all of those things - it even had a brief encounter with the Emperor, which is always exciting (so long as they keep them brief)!But not all his remaining warriors are who they appear to be… the mysterious Alpha Legion have infiltrated the survivors and plan to destroy the Raven Guard before they can rebuild and threaten Horus’s plans. He receives intelligence from one of the undercover Alpha Legionnaires about the Primarch Project and begins preparations to use the tech-guild forces as a distraction to steal the gene-technology. One might argue that surely most of the Heresy books should suffer from this but somehow for me this is the only one where it has been a problem. In essence, this is a book about the Raven Guard dealing with their trauma after the disastrous Dropsite Massacre of Isstvan V. Despite some losses Corax is able to command his forces into the right spots at the right time to overload the Labyrinth's randomly-changing mechanism, jamming it open so the Primarch Project can be reached.

Granted access to ancient secrets, Corax begins to rebuild the Raven Guard, planning his revenge against his treacherous brother primarchs. It is also compounded with some treachery and politicking, all of which just felt like they went on too long for the pay off we get. And while this story is obviously a sequel on Raven's Flight, it is at the same time a sequel on Legion. Corax goes to his father, who grants him the ability to rebuild the Raven Guard quickly, only if Corax can figure the memories his father shared with him. Even Corax in his darker moods and single-minded vision to re-build was not quite what I expected, and I ended up wondering if there should have been another narrator to the story here (probably Omegon?So, this time we pickup the story right at Isvtan, rescuing the Raven guard Primarch from a certain death.

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